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Research Highlights

Close-up of silicon wafer with processor cores.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Power Electronics for Variable Frequency Motor Drives

Variations in manufacturing expertise, yields, and access to existing facilities currently have a greater impact on regional costs and manufacturing location decisions for SiC ingots, wafers, chips, and power modules than core country factors such as labor and electricity costs. View PDF.

Thumbnail of the cover of the Benchmarks of Clean Energy Manufacturing report

Summary of Findings: Benchmarks of Global Clean Energy Manufacturing

CEMAC examined four clean energy technologies that are a major part of the multi-billion dollar global clean energy industry in the Benchmarks of Global Clean Energy Manufacturing report. The Summary of Findings highlight the most important conclusions to help policymakers and industry gain a deeper understanding of global manufacturing supply chains of clean energy technologies. View PDF.

Abstract photo of sparks and metal

Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center—Providing Analysis and Insights on Clean Technology Manufacturing

See how CEMAC helps industry look at clean energy manufacturing by focusing on key elements of the clean technology manufacturing supply chain. View PDF.