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Manufacturing matters.

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC) provides objective analysis and up-to-date data on global clean energy manufacturing. Policymakers and industry leaders seek CEMAC insights to inform choices to promote economic growth and the transition to a clean energy economy.

A Critical Role

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center understands manufacturing's critical role in the new energy economy. Learn more about the CEMAC mission and vision.

Objective, Insightful

CEMAC analysis illuminates supply chains and manufacturing across energy sectors. Learn more about CEMAC's products and publications.

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Workshop: The Future's Bright for Oil & Gas and Renewables

October 26, 2017—Can the oil and gas industry work with renewable energy industry to bring about a clean energy future? That question was the basis for the recent workshop on the Nexus of Oil & Gas and Renewables in the Energy Future held at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and sponsored by the International Energy Agency (IEA)'s Gas and Oil Technologies Collaboration Program (GOTCP).

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A three-part image shows the three major technologies described in the report: a wind farm, an ethanol plant behind a corn field, and solar panels on top of a building at NREL.

Innovation clusters and their influence on manufacturing

September 18, 2017—In our latest report, we explore the link between innovation clusters and manufacturing. We examined several case studies of innovation clusters for three different clean energy technologies: solar PV clusters in California and the province of Jiangsu in China, wind turbine clusters in Germany and the U.S. Great Lakes region, and ethanol clusters in the U.S. Midwest and the state of São Paulo in Brazil. Learn more about our findings on the CEMAC blog.

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