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Manufacturing matters.

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC) provides objective analysis and up-to-date data on global clean energy manufacturing. Policymakers and industry leaders seek CEMAC insights to inform choices to promote economic growth and the transition to a clean energy economy.

A Critical Role

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center understands manufacturing's critical role in the new energy economy. Learn more about the CEMAC mission and vision.

Objective, Insightful

CEMAC analysis illuminates supply chains and manufacturing across energy sectors. Learn more about CEMAC's products and publications.

Chart showing the U.S. balance of trade increasing and China generally decreases.

Currency Fluctuations and Trade

February 23, 2018—We hear about currency fluctuations and its possible impact on trade in the business news frequently.

Economic theory indicates that prices and consumption are linked. When prices are low, people usually buy more of a desired good than when prices are high. Part of a price includes the value of the currency with which it is purchased. For example, if the U.S. dollar is less expensive relative to the currency of the trading partner, that partner can use less of their money to purchase goods or services from the United States. Conversely, if the dollar is more expensive they must use more of their currency. (There are many articles published about this topic, including How the Dollar Impacts Commodity Prices.)

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Small graphic showing 2 sets of bar charts that compare a basecase vs base retaliation for China from 2010 to 2016.

Journal Article: System Dynamics of Polysilicon for Solar Photovoltaics

January 16, 2018—CEMAC recently teamed up with Lexidyne, LLC and the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth to publish a new article in the Sustainability journal. The article examines high-purity polysilicon, a key material in solar photovoltaics, that has experienced significant price fluctuations, affecting the manufacturing capacity and cost of both polysilicon and solar panels.

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Award certificate with the Geothermal Resources Council logo near the top,  and award text reading GRC Best Presentation Award.

A Win for Global Value Chain and Manufacturing Analysis on Geothermal Power Plant Turbines

January 4, 2018—To understand more about the opportunities to improve and expand the geothermal power market, CEMAC developed a manufacturing analysis methodology of geothermal power plant turbines including materials, manufacturing equipment, machining process and cost model. We presented our case study findings at the Geothermal Resources Council annual meeting—the world's largest annual geothermal energy event—and were surprised to learn afterward that we won a Best Presentation Award.

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