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Manufacturing matters.

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC) provides objective analysis and up-to-date data on global clean energy manufacturing. Policymakers and industry leaders seek CEMAC insights to inform choices to promote economic growth and the transition to a clean energy economy.

A Critical Role

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center understands manufacturing's critical role in the new energy economy. Learn more about the CEMAC mission and vision.

Objective, Insightful

CEMAC analysis illuminates supply chains and manufacturing across energy sectors. Learn more about CEMAC's products and publications.

Red and green network diagram of the NREL's Materials Flow through Industry recipe database, where lines and dots resemble the relationship from one commodity to another.


Modeling Industrial Materials Flows to Reduce Energy Demand and Carbon Emissions

August 29, 2016—NREL's Materials Flow through Industry (MFI) tool provides valuable insight into supply chain energy, greenhouse gases, resources and materials to inform future research on clean manufacturing technologies.

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Line graph and table displaying percentage increase in container port traffic from 2000 to 2014.

Mitigating Maritime Shipping Impacts on Manufacturing Costs

August 1, 2016—Manufacturing is not just making products in a single facility. It includes the complex logistics of shipping materials from processing facilities and subcomponents from a network of suppliers.

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