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Manufacturing matters.

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center (CEMAC) provides objective analysis and up-to-date data on global clean energy manufacturing. Policymakers and industry leaders seek CEMAC insights to inform choices to promote economic growth and the transition to a clean energy economy.

A Critical Role

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center understands manufacturing's critical role in the new energy economy. Learn more about the CEMAC mission and vision.

Objective, Insightful

CEMAC analysis illuminates supply chains and manufacturing across energy sectors. Learn more about CEMAC's products and publications.

Line graph showing turbine efficiency, gross turbine power, and net plant power percentages with working fluid mass flowrate ratio.

Report Shows Standardized Geothermal Turbines Could Reduce Plant Capital Costs

October 23, 2018 — Currently, the geothermal turbine market is driven by developer demand for plant efficiency and consists of custom turbines designed specifically for the varying conditions at different geothermal fields.

Map showing where hydropower system's key components are manufactured.

Report Explores Key Supply Chains and Advanced Manufacturing of Small Hydropower Systems

August 31, 2018 — We can happily report the final CEMAC report is published! This project analyzed the small hydropower (SHP) market, including the tradeflows, detailed costs, and potential markets, to help determine the status and opportunities along the supply chain.

Map showing the global production of lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and graphite.

Are there enough materials to cover li-ion batteries?

August 15, 2018 — This blog is an updated version of the 2016 blog we published about li-ion battery raw materials. NMC—lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide— and NCA—lithium nickel cobalt aluminum— are the most common cathode chemistries used in automotive LIB, and LCO—cobalt based lithium-ion, and LFP—lithium iron phosphate, are the most common cathode materials used in consumer electronics and other small battery-operated devices.