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Competitive Advantage Market Analysis

The Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center's (CEMAC's) competitive advantage market analysis identifies the key global market drivers and opportunities for manufacturers within various markets.

CEMAC's competitive advantage market analyses show that:

The United States was a net exporter of solar technologies in 2010 and, as an innovation leader in this area, is well-positioned for future export opportunities in the global solar market.

Competitive Advantage Market Analysis Highlights: Assessment of U.S. Competitive Advantage in the Global Solar Energy Technologies Market

A market assessment of raw and intermediate materials, equipment, and products for commercial solar energy technologies summarized the U.S. solar energy technology market advantages as follows:

  • Well-established producer of polysilicon feedstock and manufacturing equipment for crystalline silicon photovoltaics (PV)
  • Abundant raw materials for production of moisture barrier films, glass, aluminum extrusions, molybdenum, selenium, and cadmium for thin film PV modules
  • Strong technology innovation capability
  • Innovative metallization methods for crystalline silicon PV
  • Component manufacturing for concentrating photovoltaics and concentrating solar power
  • Strong institutional capacity supporting technology advancements.