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Manufacturing Snapshot: Automotive Lithium-ion Battery Cells

CEMAC provides deep analysis to help policymakers and industry gain deeper understanding of the state of and opportunity space in manufacturing of automotive lithium-ion battery cells and other clean energy technologies. These high-level insights are drawn from Benchmarks of Global Clean Energy Manufacturing.

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The manufacturing supply chain for automotive Lithium-ion batteries

  • In 2014, Li-ion batteries for vehicles produced 3.1 billion USD in value added.
  • Most value added accrued in Japan (1.3 billion USD). The United States (0.6 billion USD) and China and South Korea (0.5 billion USD each) followed.
  • In 2014, Japan, South Korea, and China were home to the majority of manufacturing capacity for Li-ion cells for all applications. The capacity grew to serve consumer electronics markets.
  • With respect to automotive-specific cell manufacturing capacity, the United States was a major manufacturing nation in 2014, hosting 20% of global manufacturing capacity.